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At New England Holistic Heath Center we practice complimentary medicine, using natural remedies and treatments along with traditional prescription medications when necessary. Our clients are the children, adults, and seniors of our community and their needs are as diverse as the services we offer.  Long before wellness and holistic health became buzz words of the new Millennium, we responded to the community’s need for an alternative approach to traditional medicine, opening New England Holisic Health Center in 1985.
Your one stop for chiropractic care, counseling, massage, and yoga needs

Nearly two decades later, we remain committed to our vision of offering health care to people of all ages in a professional, caring environment. In a typical day, we might trest a family grieving the loss of a loved one, a teacher who was a little too enthusiastic about her first time out on the ski slopes,  and a child whose parents are seeking alternative treatment for his or her attention deficit disorder. We are “in it for the long haul” with our clients and often end up seeing members of three generations of a family through the years. Please feel free to visit the different areas of our website and find out more about us.

Offering relief from physical and/or emotional discomfort or pain is what we do best at New England Holistic Health Center. Whether seeking the help of an individual staff member or a collaboration of our professionals, we can assist you in your return to wellness. We offer a full range of care through Chiropractic care, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Massage, and Behavioral Health Care.

In addition to treating conditions such as, low back or neck pain, sports related injuries, depression or anxiety related symptoms, we also offer counseling/support, stress relief for families, couples and individuals who may be experiencing some of life’s challenges. As experts in divorce mediation, easing pain and maintaining the integrity of the family is a primary focus. We can work with your attorney to minimize the adversarial aspects of divorce.

Preventive medicine and prescription is the key to the success of holistic health care. Individuals can also avail of our other opportunities for wellness by participating in our in-house Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates classes. At New England Holistic Health Center you will find both the individuals and the tools necessary to assist you in achieving the happiest, healthiest you.


Caring Professionals Providing Holistic Integrative Medical Care

New England Holistic Health Center reflects the vision and philosophy of our founders, Elizabeth Monahan, a Marital and Family Therapist, and Dr. Eva Salzer, a Chiropractic physician. Long before wellness and preventative medicine became popular, they responded to the community’s need for an alternative approach to traditional medicine, opening New England Holistic Health Center in 1985.

Elizabeth and Dr. Salzer have been giving Therapy and Chiropractic care for nearly 30 years

Over the years, the Center and its reputation have grown: psychiatrists, a naturopathic physician, social workers, marital and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, a yoga specialist, and several massage therapists have joined Dr. Salzer and Ms. Monahan. We serve as teaching faculty for Central Connecticut State University and are affiliated with several area hospitals. Many local physicians refer their patients to our Center to augment their care.

We believe the most important part of this team is you. We work hard to address your needs and concerns. We use a holistic approach—chiropractic, psychiatry, psychotherapy, massage, and biofeedback; we call on each other to insure careful diagnosis and treatment. We may recommend lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, or other holistic remedies as well as more conventional medicine. Our goal is not just an absence of symptoms, but healthy connection to others you know, work with, and live with


Healing the Mind .. Exploring the Body ... Nurturing the Spirit

Years ago, before anyone used the term “holistic,” doctors lived in the communities they served. They knew their patients, their histories, their lifestyles and their hardships, and often treated entire families. Now, we live in a technological, stressful society and often doctors are not afforded the opportunity to get to know their patients. Many physicians no longer treat the whole person, but are medical experts in one specific body system. We all understand that stress affects the body, yet there only seems to be time to treat a single symptom, organ or system.

At New England Holistic Health Center, we get to know our patients. We acknowledge physical and emotional interconnections. We recognize the need to treat the whole person, not just the ailment. We also recognize the importance in challenging patients to summon their own healing forces. Through our treatments plans, we work with patients, empowering them to use these internal forces to promote their own health or to complement more conventional treatment. Life is often difficult and frustrating. Let us help you gain control of your health and well-being.


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