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Parenthood, The Blacklist, even the Sopranos... It seems that seeing a psychotherapist has lost much of its stigma. In fact, the media has helped dispel common myths and give viewers the message that therapy can be a helpful tool for real life problems.Behavioral Health is for everyone


The decision to seek psychotherapy is an important step in finding solutions to the life problems you may be facing. Your friends may have recommended therapy because it really helped them with their marriage or work problems. Or, your doctor may have suggested therapy because he or she was concerned about your emotional wellbeing. Our providers are experienced, caring and eager to help you. Learn more about Psychotherapy here.


Sometimes people experience a case of the blues that hangs on too long and may even interfere with sleep or appetite. Or, they may suffer from worry or panic that may seem to “come out of nowhere.” Our psychiatrist is available to work with you to find the right medication, with little or no side effects, to help you get back on track. He also uses natural remedies such as nutritional supplements or light therapy. Most importantly, he takes the time to really listen. Learn more about Psychiatry here.


At New England Holistic Health Center we utilize many different and alternative forms of therapy. Bioenergetics is one of those treatment protocols—“It is a way of understanding personality in terms of the body and it’s energetic process.” Body and mind are functionally identical and what goes on in the mind reflects what’s happening in the body and vice versa. Every physical expression of the body has a meaning: the posture, the look in the eyes, the tone of voice, the way of moving…If these expressions are fixed and habitual, they tell a story of the past experience.Circle of Love found though Therapy

If an impulse seeks expression and it is restricted because of fear, then tension tends to develop. Every chronically tense muscle or muscle group represents an emotional conflict is unresolved and has therefore become an unconscious response by the body. Such rigidity or chronic tension diminishes “aliveness” and reduces energy levels. Our ability to respond and cope more effectively increases with higher energy levels.


  • Elizabeth Monahan, LMFT (Director Behavioral Health Services)
  • Steven Kahn, M.D. Psychiatrist
  • Cristine E. Hine, BA, MS, LCSW

 A Key to Better Relationships Promotes Better Health, Too

Hostility can do more than ruin friendships. We’ve known for years that hostile adults show a greater risk of heart disease than their less antagonistic peers, and now we know the same is true for kids. Research psychologists at the University of Helsinki (Finland) and the University of Pittsburgh recruited an ethnically diverse group of 134 children and adolescents from Pittsburgh public schools, to whom they administered tests for body mass index, cholesterol levels, insulin levels, and blood pressure, as well as two standard psychological measures for hostility. At a three-year follow-up, the participants who exhibited hostility at the baseline scored in the highest percentile of their age groups for risk factors for obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The non-hostile subjects had not developed these risk factors.  The researchers say their findings underscore the importance of helping kids lose their hostility before they lose their health.


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