Discovering and Understanding Yourself

Director of Therapy

At New England Holistic Health Center we see clients not as isolated individuals, but as parts of families, various social networks, and diverse cultures. We will help you function optimally within your existing context, joining with you to resolve marital or other family conflict.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed, or find yourself using alcohol or anything else to excess, we can help you determine why and what to do about it.

We all need practical solutions to difficult problems we are experiencing right now.

We teach parents how to parent successfully during and after a divorce. Children, too, face many challenges. We believe that by helping our children and adolescents improve their self-esteem, express feelings, and mange stress, we are teaching skills they can turn to in adulthood.

Our therapists are trained in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. We match our understanding and effectiveness with care and compassion administered in a trusting, safe atmosphere.

Individual Psychotherapy

Sometimes talking to friends is not enough. You need an unbiased trained professional who will keep what you say absolutely confidential. The answers you need are deep inside of you, but you just can’t get to them. You may come in for a few sessions to know what you need to do-or the problem may be complex and take longer. We utilize solution focused psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy and family of origin work.


Marriage counseling helps save marriages!

Marital and Family Therapy

Here at New England Holistic Health Center we value family and respect the many diverse types of family settings. our clients live in. With a 50% divorce rate in this country, there is now no longer a typical nuclear family with a stay-at-home mother, father and 2.2 children, as there was in the 1950’s. Present day media reflects this trend with TV shows like "The Modern Family", "Grey's Anatomy", and "Two and a Half Men". Families are now defined by people who live together and provide mutual love, respect and support. Single parent families, blended families, and cohabitating heterosexual or lesbian/gay couples all benefit from marital and family therapy. The licensed marriage and family therapists on our staff are specially trained to help couples and families improve communication, develop intimacy and relate and grow in positive healthy ways. We also provide assistance in positive parenting and will work you and your child to resolve school difficulties. Sometimes kids and teenagers need their own therapists or “feeling doctors” as we are sometimes referred to. Whether they are having problems adjusting to a divorce, attention deficit disorder, or a broken heart from their first relationship break up, we will provide them with a safe, confidential setting kid-friendly environment to work their feelings out in.

Group Therapy

We offer twelve week coed psychotherapy groups with between six and eight members. Topics range from career issues, relationship problems, anxiety, depression and stress management. Many people who have attended these groups state they have helped them tremendously and they no longer feel isolated and alone in their problems.